Sunday, February 8, 2009

Should it be called Vacation, PART 2

Well, as you can see our vacation really put me back a bit on blogging. Anyhow... I'm going to try to get back into the groove here starting, well, starting right now. Our vacation seems like a distant memory now, even though it was only like 1 week ago that we got back home. We did have a great time. Abby did a great job skiing and it was so much fun for Aaron and I to ski with our daughter. We also took Abby and Allyson sledding one day. There was this really cool hill there and they had this pulley system that pulled you up the hill. It was really fun! That was nice to do because we felt like Allyson didn't get to do much. But, it's won't be long before she's in ski school also!! (Maybe next year...) Audrey, well, Audrey just kindof hung out :) The weather was absolutley freezing the first two days we were there. It was below 0 on the top of the mountain!
And for those of you who are wondering how our drive home was, well, it wasn't so bad. Could have been worse I suppose. The kids did pretty well, it was just the typical stuff. We stopped in Harrisonburg because I needed to get formula for Audrey and there was a Target there. I told Aaron we should just grab something to eat there so we only had to make one stop, but he didn't see anything he liked on the menu. Therefore, we did what we shouldn't have done which was put three starving kids back in the car, and go someplace else. Then when we get there, we realize that Allyson is missing a shoe, not just any shoe by the way, her cute little purple fuzzy crocs that I spen $30 bucks on! So, I left them behind and went to find the shoe. Lucky for me, it was in the parking lot of Target along with a toy that fell out of the van also. I went back, we ate, then hit the road. Then we had the great idea that we would stop at Home Depot in Waynesboro because we had never been to one and maybe they have some different things compared to Lowe's. WRONG! They do not.... as a matter of fact, they have almost the exact same and less of a selection. So, that was a waste of time. Anyways.... I rambling, but, you get the picture, just the same old stuff that happens to me on a daily occurance.
I'll finish this by saying that I think we are incedibly lucky to be able to take family vacations and I will never take that for granted. But, it never hurts to look back and laugh at all the things that went wrong!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Should It Be Called Vacation??

Okay, so let me say first and foremost. I love vacations. I love the feeling of getting away from the day to day hustle and most importantly, I love the memories that we make as a family. BUT.... should it really be called a vacation? I don't think so. Let me tell you why.

Let's go back a bit...

Two days before vacation: I should be packing, instead, I'm blogging or reading the Twilight series, New Moon.

Day before vacation: still not packing, but rather, trying to get the house cleaned up before we leave for vacation because who wants to come home to a messy house?

Night before vacation: Okay, have to start packing. Get the kids stuff packed which takes forever because they have so many things they need. And of course, I pack way too much.

Morning before vacation: Get kid off to school, feed other kids, need to go vacuum out car for road trip, need dog food, still need to pack and load up the car, pick up kid from school at noon, come home, make lunch, water the plants so they don't die, clean litter box b/c house sitter won't do it while you're gone, check off your list to make sure you have everything, make sure everyone's gone potty and head out. Try to do all this without having a nervous breakdown, which I did, but that's another story.

On the way: Kids yelling that their headphones aren't working and they don't like this movie and they need a snack and they dropped their cup. The baby, who you know you perfectly timed out that nap, is wide awake and not happy being in the rear-facing car seat. (might I add that two hours of this trip is through nothing but mountains, and I mean BIG SCARY mountains)

Upon Arrival: Unpack everything. Kids extremely wound up from being in the car. One is car sick the other has peed their pants. Baby has been screaming for an hour. They don't want to go to bed because they are someplace new.

Next couple days: Lose everything because you are living out of suitcases AND you are trying to go skiing, therefore, you need hats, gloves, jackets, boots, skiis and tons more for everyone. Get your nice minivan that's not used to the snow and ice stuck in the driveway. Baby refuses to sleep in pack and play and is waking up at least three times a night.

Okay, so there you have it, and we haven't even left yet... so I guess this is to be continued. I'll let you know how the departure goes. And, although I am complaining, we had a great time. Abby did awesome skiing, we did relaxe quite a bit and it was wonderful spending time with the ones I love most. And, don't worry, I have plenty of pictures for the next blog!