Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentines Day :) We had a lot of fun making cookies. I don't have too much to say... but here are some pics:

Bad lighting in this pic....
Our whole family of cookies.
This is what Audrey did the majority of the time

Thursday, February 11, 2010

What To Do When the Power Goes Out

As many of you are well aware of, our area has been literally slammed with snowstorms lately. I am kicking myself because for the past several winters I have complained about how we never got any snow. Well... I guess mother nature is making for lost time. So, fast forward to snow storm number three and second power outage in a week.
My brother and his girlfriend Emily decided to get snowed in with us. What fun it would be for us all to be snowed in together! Hah... it was fun, but not when the power goes out :) No, but in all actuality, we did have a lot of fun together. So, what did we do you ask? Well....

Emily manage to read a book somehow with three kids running around screaming.
Play a whole lot of DS Mario Brothers
Bring in wood, A LOT! I think JJ is straining a little with his load of wood. Poor guy!
Play with play-doh
And keep your Uggs warm by the fireplace

Now, with all that being said, I really don't want to do it over again. So, I'm glad I can look back on that weekend and think of all the fun we did have, for, we did have a lot fun.... but let me tell you, I DO NOT want to do it again.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Abby's First Winter Swim Meet

Abby had her first winter swim meet this weekend in Richmond. Abby swims with the FUAC team. It is our first time swimming with them and we really like it. In the summer, she competes with LMST and we wouldn't change that for a thing! But, winter swimming is totally different than summer swimming. It is much more competitive, but it's a lot of fun.

Abby did great. Here is a clip of her swimming her 50 meter freestyle in which she placed first in her heat. Please excuse the camera man who taped this, (ahem.... Aaron) he was trying to watch her swim and tape at the same time. (at the end a man tells Aaron that Abby is not in the viewfinder and you can hear him say something about how that always happens when he videotapes. Lol.

Just click this link and it will take you to and the clip should automatically play. Enjoy :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Not Me Monday!

This is my first time doing a "Not Me Monday"! I am so excited. So, all you mommies or wives or whatever or whoever you may be out there. I know we all have those days that you just want to come to an end. Mine seem to be quite frequently. So, that's what Not Me Monday is for! Just to let it all out. So, here goes mine.

Nope, it wasn't me who's husband was sick with an awful earache last night and yelled at him to just leave me alone and suck it up. No, I would never do that. I always take care of my husband who seems to be quite the baby when he is sick. AND... of course, it WAS NOT me who gave my daughter a cupcake for breakfast then turned on Dora so that I could lay on the sofa and read. Nope, definitely not me! And you would never think that someone like myself who is always so neat and tidy has not cleaned the playroom in two days and just keeps stepping over the toys to make my way to the computer to check my email. Certainly, not me!

Join in the fun! It feels good to just let these things go. I feel so much better myself. So much better in fact, that I think I may even go clean up that playroom real fast.