Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Tooth Fairy

Well, as you have noticed, I am doing a pretty horrible job of keep up with my blog, BUT.... I plan to stay on top of it from now on. I find that at the end of a long day, my brain just won't compute. Literally, I sit down to write, and nothing comes out. Agh... so, I'm not giving up just yet. Please don't give up on me! Hee hee..
So, the tooth fairy has been a very busy lady around here lately. Abby lost her bottom two teeth quite some time ago, and the new ones have since grown back in. But, in the past week she has lost 3 teeth! Yes, THREE in one week! As you can see below, she looks like quite the snaggle-tooth. It's very surreal for me, because I just know that this means my little girl is growing up.

Abby is best friends with the tooth fairy. Literally, she talks about her as if she knows her in person. It's very cute. It's so fun to watch her get so excited about leaving her tooth for this magical fairy. Last night, when she lost her big front tooth, she decided she would make a nice note for the tooth fairy and make her a little something. She actually said, "the tooth fairy probably never gets presents." So sweet. So, under her pillow went the note, a nice craft she made for her and the tooth. Now let me tell all of you rookies out there. This is no easy job. I seem to almost forget every time. Just as I'm laying down for bed and thinking over the day and checking off my list mentally, it hits me.... oh crap, the tooth! So, I drag myself out of my warm bed to retreive the tooth and leave some money behind. Now, Abby is quite a sound sleeper, but I still get very paranoid. I tip toe in as quietly as possible and try to be as slick as can be not to wake her. This has been pretty easy up until this last tooth when she felt the need to leave all the extras with the tooth. I went to her side of the bed that she had her back to first, slipped my hand under the pillow and was feeling around and then, she turned and kinda moaned a little. I ducked down, hiding and thinking about what to say if I did in fact get busted. "oh, it's okay honey, I'm just making sure that your tooth is still there. We wouldn't want the tooth fairy to come and it not be there!" I think I could get away with it, but hey, kids are smart, and I'm trying to keep all the magical things going on for a couple more years. So, anyways... back to where I started. So, once she was still, I went to the other side of the bed. I mananged to get all the things, slip the money under the pillow, and tip toe back out the door. Mission complete.