Wednesday, May 6, 2009

First REAL Haircut!

Okay. We did it. We got Abby's hair cut! Here it is! Lighting wasn't great in the picture, but it's so cute!

Here is a "before" picture.
This was a huge deal for Abby and I. I have been growing Abby's hair out since she was born. Literally. Abby was quite the little baldy when she was a baby, and then it slowly came in and took forever to grow. But boy, once it did, it really did! I loved her long hair, but, if I didn't brush it every hour, it got stringy and tangled. With summer coming up, I asked her if she'd like to get it cut. I thought for sure she'd say no way because Abby also loves her long hair. But, she actually went with it. After it was cut, she took a look in the mirror and was thrilled! She can't wait to go to school and show off her new 'do. I'm getting mine done on Saturday. I'll post some pics of mine too!
We went to the zoo today with Abby's class. We were very lucky because the rain held off. Abby was so sweet today because she told me this morning that she prayed very hard last night that it wouldn't rain for her trip to the zoo. She told me later in the day after her rain-free trip to the zoo that "prayer works Mom!" Now that's the sound of music!

Abby and her friend Emma

Feeding the giraffes!

Allyson and Audrey feeding the goats.
Today was a great day! Really hoping for some sunshine. The kids and I are doing a garden this year. I'll keep you updated with how it goes. I am so excited. I've always wanted a garden. I really hope that this will be a good learning lesson for the kids.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Randomness! (is that a word?)

Check out these two little cuties! I think they look so much alike. Just had to share :)

And look at this little one-year old and her big brown eyes. She's the only one out of my three girls who got my side of the family's big eyes. Abby and Allyson both have Daddy's squinty eyes ;)
Abby started t-ball. It hasn't been much of a success because we have been out of town or sick and missed a couple games here and there. But, she has done well and seems to be enjoying it. It's funny to watch all the kids fight over the ball.

Now. Here's what I really wanted to blog about. Last night, while having a mom's night in at my house and chatting with some of the best friends a mommy could ask for, I realized something. Actually, I had realized it before, but maybe was holding onto some doubt of some sort I guess you'd say. Well, it dawned on me that my kids are spoiled! No really, not like spoiled brats or anything, but maybe headed down that track if we don't put our feet down right now! I have always enjoyed spoiling my little girls and buying them oodles of toys and clothes. Now, I must say... I am not a big spender, not by any means. But, I will go to a yard sale or visit good ole' craigslist quite often and not hesitate to buy them toys for a couple bucks. As Abby is getting older and two others quickly behind her, I am really starting to think a lot about how I want to raise my girls. My goal in life is to raise my children to be successful adults. I want them to cherish what they have, to understand how lucky they are to have all the things that they do have and not to take anything for granted. I also don't want them to think that life revolves around materialistic things. I'd much rather us spend time together cooking, doing crafts, going for walks, talking, reading or just simply playing in the backyard. These are all things that we do already, but not as often as I'd like. Instead I feel like I spend my time bugging them to clean up their million toys that they have carelessly thrown all over the place and then go behind them putting them away myself. Okay, so you've got the picture. Last night, I was really inspired by a couple of mom's who simply do not over-indulge their children with meanlingness things. So, I had a long talk with Abby today and told her that I thought it would be a great idea to give away a whole bunch of toys and that I really want to spend more time with her and her sisters doing things together. At first she was a little whiney about giving her things away, but quickly got in the spirit of giving and we spent about an hour going through things and making a pile of toys to give to a family in need. Allyson was involved a little also, but is a little too young to understand. We are in the process of trying to find a family to donate these items to. As of right now, it is all piled up in my van waiting for a new family. Below is a picture of the girls with all of their toys to give away. This is a huge step for me as well as my children. It has been very uplifting and I really look forward to not cleaning up as much and spending more quality time with my beautiful children.