Monday, January 4, 2010

Not Me Monday!

This is my first time doing a "Not Me Monday"! I am so excited. So, all you mommies or wives or whatever or whoever you may be out there. I know we all have those days that you just want to come to an end. Mine seem to be quite frequently. So, that's what Not Me Monday is for! Just to let it all out. So, here goes mine.

Nope, it wasn't me who's husband was sick with an awful earache last night and yelled at him to just leave me alone and suck it up. No, I would never do that. I always take care of my husband who seems to be quite the baby when he is sick. AND... of course, it WAS NOT me who gave my daughter a cupcake for breakfast then turned on Dora so that I could lay on the sofa and read. Nope, definitely not me! And you would never think that someone like myself who is always so neat and tidy has not cleaned the playroom in two days and just keeps stepping over the toys to make my way to the computer to check my email. Certainly, not me!

Join in the fun! It feels good to just let these things go. I feel so much better myself. So much better in fact, that I think I may even go clean up that playroom real fast.

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