Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Feeling Compelled to Start Blogging Again

So, here we go again. I appear to be a major slacker when it comes to blogging. I have found it extremely hard to find the time to keep up with my blog, which honestly, makes me sad. I enjoy this blog, as a place for family and friends to see what we're up to and most importantly, a place that I have to look back and read about all the things we've been up to. Therefore, I am starting back up!
So, what have we been up to, you ask? Well. All kinds of things of couse. Aaron and I celebrated our 7th year of marriage on August 17th. I hate to tell you, but we did NOTHING exciting, other than go floating down the river with some great friends, and had pretty much an entire weekend all to ourselves. We do hope to get a date night soon, something we could really use. So, the picture below is not of us on a fancy date for our anniversay, rather, a good friends wedding, but here we are!

Of couse, one of the most recent things to happen is that my sweet Abby has started first grade. Hard to believe. So far, so good. It's definately an adjustment, as it is much different from kindergarten. Homework is all I'm sayin'. Abby got a new haircut right before school. It's the shortest it's ever been. I do miss her long her, but there is something to be said about having it this length. Two words: NO TANGLES!!!!

My three little ballerinas have been growing all summer. Here are the three of them on a nice summer day. Audrey is now 16 months old and is making new changes every day. She talks a lot and is definately part of the gang. She is an absolutely wonderful child. She wakes up every day with a smile and keeps it on her face all day. I couldn't imagine life without her. Allyson has grown a lot. She is becoming very independent and very funny. She starts preschool soon as well as ballet. She has a wonderful imagination which she uses on a daily basis. Lately she's been a dog and I have to tell her to be good, pat her head and tell her to go to her crate. She sometimes even sneaks a lick in! Abby is growing into a little girl. Not a child, but a girl. She is maturing and learning at a very rapid pace. She's reading and writing, riding her bike without training wheels, and is going to be starting the winter swim team next week.

Among other things, we are of couse still remodeling. It never ends. But, with that being said, I decided I want to do some "remodeling" of my own, which consists of decorating and buying new furniture. Aaron replaced our french doors and that started the transformation of our dining room. I found this great buffet at World Market on clearance, and then couldn't get the dining room table out of my mind. My sweet husband told me to go get it. I didn't stop there though. I then purged and bought new curtains and here is our new dining room. I love it! The table is awesome, and it was really much needed. It has a nice long bench on one side, which can fit like 5 kids if I needed to, which I won't, and then four more chairs. We now have plenty of room for some great meals which are soon to come with holidays right around the corner.

We have had a great summer. It has gone by too fast and I know that fall will be upon us in no time. At this point in my life, I could not be happier, nor could I be more blessed. God is good!

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